Older Persons Mental Health

Person-centred and recovery-oriented practice

The older person specialisation draws on person-centred and recovery-oriented [link to recovery] practice for working with people who are moving into old age and very old age. Students will explore the reality of challenges and developmental changes that occur with age, along with an acknowledgement of the ongoing contribution of older people to society and identifying factors that support positive ageing.

Common causes of mental illness and distress during this life stage will be explored, along with grief, impact of severely impaired health, ethico-legal issues, the psychotic spectrum, dementia and behavioural and psychological changes that may occur in the presence of dementia.

A practical approach will be taken to improving clinical outcomes, as students are assisted to adapt assessment, care planning and interventions to meet the diverse need of older people.

The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma is offered in 50 hour units over a 5 week teaching period. This includes:

  • Knowledge units (units with a ‘K’ in the code) that are self-directed, independent learning units. You can enrol in these units at any teaching period and complete at your own pace over 10 weeks. This gives you flexibility to manage your study load.
  • Foundation units (units with an ‘F” in the code) are only available in one teaching period as shown on the schedule below.

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Graduate Certificate 2023

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