Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Practice (8ALF007)

Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Practice (8ALF007)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma
Availability ~ Teaching Period 2
Type ~ Lifespan Unit

This unit enables the student to understand and critique the concepts of recovery and recovery-oriented care within the context of action and promotion of practices that support and facilitate people’s self-directed recovery to ensure achievement and maintenance of meaningful lives.

Students increase their understanding of current practice and consider alternatives that support recovery-oriented care in practice.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate application of the concepts and principles of recovery and recovery-oriented practice;
  • Critically analyse the adaptations required to improve recovery orientation of approaches and interventions; and
  • Examine the tensions that exist in recovery-oriented practice.


Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Impact of evolving models and their contribution
Week 2 Using recovery as a concept to understand the people you work with
Week 3 Adapting your practice
Week 4 Recovery-focused interventions
Week 5 Applying recovery principles to the populations you work with