AMHS Medical Specialisation

Medical Specialisation

Improve your capacity to support mental health

All doctors have an opportunity to improve their capability to support mental health and ill-health in those they work with in this exciting new specialisation. The specialisation enables doctors to learn with each other, as well as the opportunities to gain interprofessional perspectives at the heart of contemporary mental health care. Building upon over 50 years’ experience training and education experience with Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, Rural and Remote Practitioners and other medical professionals this specialisation is open to all medical professionals.

Medical specialisation specific units are delivered across 15 teaching weeks to enable focus on profession specific application to practice. Medical specialisation units should support ongoing AHPRA CPD requirements, with options for flexible study and elective units

The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma is offered in 50 hour units over a 5 week teaching period. This includes:

  • Knowledge units (units with a ‘K’ in the code) that are self-directed, independent learning units. You can enrol in these units at any teaching period and complete at your own pace over 10 weeks. This gives you flexibility to manage your study load.
  • Foundation units (units with an ‘F” in the code) are only available in one teaching period as shown on the schedule below.