Sustaining your mental health practice (8ALF005)

Sustaining your mental health practice (8ALF005)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Teaching period ~ Semester 1
Type ~ Lifespan Unit

This unit explores basic understandings and practices required for effective and sustainable practice in the mental health sector. This includes reflective, interprofessional and evidence-based practice.

This unit starts from 25 October and finishes on 27 November 2021.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the relationship between evidence-based practice and sustainable mental health care practice;
  • Demonstrate reflective practice in examining the impacts upon sustaining personal wellbeing and professional practice in the mental health sector of values, biases and beliefs within the sector; and
  • Examine the role of supervision in contributing to the promotion of high professional standards; facilitating self-awareness and transparent communication.


Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Elements of sustainable mental health practice
Week 2 Reflective practice
Week 3 Maintaining yourself
Week 4 Key elements of evidence-based practice
Week 5 Maintaining your practice

Mental Health Course Unit