Psychiatric Medicine Course

Join an interdisciplinary learning community to develop your expertise in recovery-oriented Psychiatric Medicine.

Psychiatric Medicine Course

Please Note

The Postgraduate Course in Psychiatry is open to new admissions but no new admissions are being accepted to the Psychiatric Medicine course which is in transition.

Existing students are able to access this course until completion of their current degree level. Further details on options for both new and existing students will be announced on this website in October. The Postgraduate Course in Psychiatry is not in transition.

Specialise within an interprofessional environment

Our courses are open to doctors with an interest in mental health, and have also been designed to meet the needs of three distinct groups:

You will study alongside students from all specialisations, benefiting from diverse perspectives, as you apply knowledge to your practice.

Entry Requirements

What sets the course apart is the delivery, lecturers and class format. We discuss what we learn in the lectures and how to apply it in practice. The lecturers are all knowledgeable and make it interesting.

Dhaval Barot Stage One Psychiatry trainee

Your teaching team

The Psychiatric Medicine Framework is supported by both internal academics and a broad range of expertise from our partners, which include academics, clinicians, consumers and carers. Most years, approximately 80 experts contribute to teaching. Learn more about the Psychiatric Medicine academic team.

On campus or online

Flexibility is key for busy professionals. Students can elect to learn:

  • On site at our St Leonards building, subject to COVID19 restrictions
  • via live web video conferencing
  • delayed online participation
  • a combination - the choice is yours

Our facilities are equipped to ensure online participants can see, hear and join in class activities, in real time. All you need is a simple set up and an internet connection.

What to expect

Live teaching sessions occur from 2 to 5pm:

  • Tuesdays (Year 1 Graduate Certificate/PCP)
  • Wednesdays (Year 2 Graduate Diploma/PCP)
  • Thursdays (Year 3 Masters/PCP)

In a typical week, students will spend 10-20 hours in activities if enrolled in 2 units per semester (less for students enrolled in 1 unit). Activities include:

  • Participate in two sessions (seminars, tutorials or workshops) and one RANZCP exam preparation session
  • Read recommended sections of texts or articles.
  • Reflection within their practice and workplace learning.

Students may also choose to participate in professional development webinars and supplementary workshops accredited with ACRRM, GPMHSC and RACGP.

Students enrolled in an award pathway or single units that will accrue Higher Education Credit must also pass 2-3 varied assessment tasks such as recorded oral presentations, short answer questions, essays and projects. Some units may require students to purchase a text book.


Course outcomes

Within our courses, you can expect to achieve a number of outcomes from your studies. Learn more about the Psychiatric Medicine Course Learning Outcomes.

Small enough to know you

As a smaller provider of quality mental health education, we are in a unique position to provide a responsive and tailored student experience. In 2018 the Psychiatric Medicine Framework supported over 300 student enrolments in its award and professional development courses.

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