Your support team

Mental Health Study Student Support Teams

During your studies, you will be supported by HETI Higher Education’s Team.

Your first point-of-contact for any assistance is a Cohort Convenor. They will:

  • Advise you on enrolment and personalised learning pathways
  • Assist you with myHETIconnect (admission and enrolment);
  • Support your use of resources and e-learning technologies;
  • Assist you with assignment extensions and special considerations;
  • Assist you with access and use of myHETI (learning management system);
  • Questions relating to scholarships applications;
  • Refer you to academic or IT staff, where required and;
  • Negotiation of payment plans, if required.

For each unit, a Unit Facilitator will:

  • Manage and coordinate individual units;
  • Provide content expertise for study and assessment preparation;
  • Interact with students via e-learning technologies and;
  • Provide academic oversight for the unit.

For your study, HETI have an Tutor who can:

  • Assist with the development of academic and time management skills;
  • Support learning for citation and referencing requirements;
  • Assist student whose first language is not English and;
  • Support development of postgraduate writing skills.

You will also engage with your Academic Lead (Specialists), whose role is to:

  • Be a mentor and provide guidance in the professional or specialisation focus
  • Provide academic oversight for the course.

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team will provide you with:

  • Technical support in the use of learning resources and e-learning technologies, such as myHETI and Zoom web conferencing

Our Librarian is also available to:

  • Provide help and training via telephone, email or in person
  • Assist students in finding information to support their coursework

We have a dedicated Financial Services team who support HETI Higher Education staff and students.

For any questions or grievances contact our Faculty & Student Liaison Officer .