Rights and responsibilities

Mental Health Course - Your Rights & Responsibilities

Students of HETI Higher Education have rights and responsibilities which are defined by the Student Support (Rights and Responsibilities) Policy. When you enrol as a student at HETI Higher Education, you also agree to comply with our policies and procedures. You will be notified of any changes to this policy.

Student rights and responsibilities

As a student, you have a right to:

  • be treated with respect by staff and students
  • learn in an environment which is free from harassment and discrimination - myHETI
  • expect privacy in accordance with statutory requirements regarding management of your student records including the safeguarding of contained personal information
  • have a supportive and engaging learning environment. See student support
  • access course materials in myHETI and participate in associated classes, forums and learning activities - myHETI
  • receive information about learning objectives, assessments and other information in the unit learning guide for each unit of study
  • be provided with progressive results in a timely manner
  • change your study preferences, including withdrawal from a unit without penalty prior to the census date
  • lodge any grievance or complaint that you seek to make knowing it will be managed and reviewed confidentially without fear of victimisation
  • have access to confidential counselling services if required

As a student, you have a responsibility to:

  • treat fellow students and staff with respect
  • ensure that you access HETI communications including email and myHETI and actively participate in your study programs
  • act honestly and ethically in the production of all academic work and assessment tasks
  • take responsibility for your own learning and contribute to a collaborative partnership between yourself and your teacher
  • ensure you have appropriate equipment to access myHETI and other learning materials, such as a computer with the required software and a stable internet connection
  • complete assessment tasks by the due date or if needed seek an extension if there are extenuating circumstances
  • behave in a responsible manner and follow any reasonable direction from a member of staff
  • familiarise yourself with HETI’s policies and procedures
  • seek further information if you are unclear of expectations or if you are experiencing any difficulties accessing or understanding the learning materials

You can learn more within the Student Rights and Responsibilities Brochure.

HETI Higher Education also has rights and responsibilities which are detailed both within the brochure and within the Student Support (Rights and Responsibilities) Policy.

Accessibility and Equity

Please see the accessibility page for more information about equity at HETI that will support your rights as a student.