Applied Mental Health Studies

Join our interdisciplinary community of students and mental health practitioners to develop your expertise in applied mental health.

Who is this for?

Professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who have an interest in improving mental health and well-being are encouraged to apply.

Entry Requirements

Each week we contribute to a web discussion where everyone shares ideas, concepts and resources. It made me feel like I was there with my fellow students, all helping each other.

Linda Newell Child and Youth specialisation

The Applied Mental Health Studies course is offered entirely online for a flexible and accessible learning experience.


From the outset students will choose a specialisation in:

Within most units you will study alongside students from all specialisations, benefiting from diverse perspectives, as you apply lifespan specific knowledge to your practice.

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Progress your career

Gaining postgraduate qualifications or participating for professional development purposes is a way of demonstrating your knowledge and expertise to a potential employer.

A qualification in Applied Mental Health Studies will tell an employer that you have developed interprofessional skills, as you studied alongside a range of mental health practitioners and professionals, and that you have studied a recovery-oriented, contemporary, evidenced-based curriculum with a strong focus on application to practice.

This can support career progression or a career change from a general setting to within the mental health field, or a specialised area within mental health such as working in perinatal, youth, adult or older person’s services.

Apply for Award study now

Not ready for Award study? Try a single unit for professional development.

Flexible study options

Flexibility is  key for busy professionals. Students can choose a range of study options:
Pace your learning: Part-time study is available as 50 hour units for the Graduate Certificate (600  hours to complete) and 150 hour units for the Graduate Diploma and Masters.
Postgraduate degree: You  will begin in the graduate certificate and can choose to progress to a graduate  diploma or masters of Applied Mental Health. Each level is 600 hours of study.This  is an award  qualification which  achieves a postgraduate degree. Options such as FEE-HELP  may be available.
Professional development: This is  allows students to study for participation or completion; a completion is  recognised as stackable credit for the Graduate Certificate. For students to  complete requires a pass or better. Learn more about fees.

What to expect

Each week you will engage in a range of learning activities  designed to enhance learning and apply content to practice. Learning activities  may include: audio or video podcasts, lived experience perspectives, readings,  practice scenarios, web forums or reflective exercise.
You can expect to spend about 10 hours per week on each unit of  study.. Some weeks you may spend less, and other weeks you may need more time, particularly  around assessment due dates.