Recovery Based Higher Education

Recovery Orientation in Mental Health

A graduate from a Mental Health postgraduate program will additionally have the capabilities to support the recovery journeys of people with mental illness: maximizing hope, optimism, strength, resilience, self determination, self management and advocacy of each person in their community of choice.

HETI Graduate Attribute

At HETI Higher Education we understand and expect our students to explore how recovery is different for every person with a lived experience of mental illness, that recovery is affected by a person’s age, culture, life experiences and social determinants of health, and that the term recovery is embraced by many, but also rejected as unhelpful by some.

We encourage students to become familiar with the five recovery processes proposed within the CHIME framework – connectedness, hope and optimism about the future, identity, meaning in life and empowerment as well as examining broader critiques of recovery.

Recovery at HETI Higher Education

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