Child and Youth Mental Health Studies

Child and Youth Mental Health

Working in partnership with children, young people and their families.

The child and youth specialisation focuses on the unique challenges and rewards that can be found working within child and youth mental health. There is a strong focus on attachment and normal development – from infancy to early adulthood – and the exploration of opportunities to assist children and young people to pursue optimum mental health.

This is an important time for mental health assessment and intervention as many conditions emerge during this period. This specialisation enhances student knowledge of relevant mental health conditions and assists students to develop skills in engagement, assessment, formulation and care planning.

The course emphasises working in partnership with children, young people and their families, as well as other key influential systems including education and child protection.

The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma is offered in 50 hour units over a 5 week teaching period. This includes:

  • Knowledge units (units with a ‘K’ in the code) that are self-directed, independent learning units. You can enrol in these units at any teaching period and complete at your own pace over 10 weeks. This gives you flexibility to manage your study load.
  • Foundation units (units with an ‘F” in the code) are only available in one teaching period as shown on the schedule below.

2023 Unit Schedule

Graduate Certificate 2023

Graduate Diploma 2023