Attachment Development and Promoting Mental Health Across the Lifespan (8ALK004)

Attachment Development and Promoting Mental Health Across the Lifespan (8ALK004)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ All teaching periods
Type ~ Lifespan Unit

The promotion of mental health is a core goal of mental health practice and mental health policy. To plan or participate in effective mental health promotion it is essential to understand the opportunities available in different life stages, and the impact events in one life stage may have later in life.

In this unit you will improve your understanding of key developmental changes across the lifespan, the core concept of attachment, and the implications of these for promoting mental health in either formal mental health promotion activities or within other activities.

This unit has starting dates of 31 Jan, 21 March, 09 May, 18 July, 05 September & 24 Oct during the 2022 academic year.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Describe the development of attachment relationships and their importance to normal development and mental health;
  • Identify how abnormal attachment development may result in mental health diagnoses; and
  • Conceptualise and critically appraise appropriate interventions through an attachment and mental health promotion framework, keeping diversity in mind.


Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Overview of normal development across the lifespan
Week 2 Attachment in normal development
Week 3 The impact of attachment on resilience across the lifespan
Week 4 The impact of attachment on mental ill health across the lifespan
Week 5 Mental health promotion across the lifespan