Adult Mental Health

A holistic approach to recovery-oriented, and trauma-informed skills.

The adult mental health specialisation draws on the contemporary evidence-base to enhance recovery-oriented, and trauma-informed skills for biopsychosocial assessment, formulation and person-led care planning.

Approaches for supporting people who experience a range of mental health conditions will be explored, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality disorder, psychosis and trauma and stress related conditions, among others.

Particular focus is placed on applying theory to real-world practice, and working to support people who may experience enduring or co-occurring conditions, with a holistic approach that draws on strengths.

This specialisation will enhance the capacity of students to work with complexity; critically reflect on clinical practice and deliver progressive mental health services that are both effective and founded on a genuine collaboration with consumers and carers.

SEMESTER 1 Fundamentals of Recovery – Oriented Care Professional Standards in Mental Health Care
SEMESTER 2 Adult Mental Health in Practice Working with Complexity in Adult Mental Health
SEMESTER 1 Innovation and Improvement in Mental Health Care Therapeutic Perspectives Across the Lifespan
SEMESTER 2 Research Methods and Evaluation for Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Practice Select one of the following: Family-Oriented Care in Mental Health or  Individual Therapies in Mental Health Care
SEMESTER 1 Leadership Practice in Mental Health Research and Project Planning
SEMESTER 2 Clinical Supervision Theory and Practice Mental Health Capstone

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