Adult Mental Health

Adult Mental Health

A holistic approach to recovery-oriented, and trauma-informed skills.

The adult mental health specialisation draws on the contemporary evidence-base to enhance recovery-oriented, and trauma-informed skills for biopsychosocial assessment, formulation and person-led care planning.

Approaches for supporting people who experience a range of mental health conditions will be explored, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality disorder, psychosis and trauma and stress related conditions, among others.

Particular focus is placed on applying theory to real-world practice, and working to support people who may experience enduring or co-occurring conditions, with a holistic approach that draws on strengths.

This specialisation will enhance the capacity of students to work with complexity; critically reflect on clinical practice and deliver progressive mental health services that are both effective and founded on a genuine collaboration with consumers and carers.

The Graduate Certificate is now offered in short 50 hour units. This includes KNOWLEDGE units (units with a ‘K’ in the code) that are self-directed, independent learning units. These units can be completed at your own pace over any period of time across two teaching periods. FOUNDATION units are available only in one teaching period and those Foundation units that are specialised are only available this semester. The short 50 hour units are offered in each semester over three teaching periods of five weeks each. This allows you to better manage your study load by selecting the teaching periods and study load you prefer. NEW STUDENTS and CONTINUING STUDENTS can download the suggested sequence of study for the upcoming semester through the download buttons below.

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