Fundamentals of Recovery-Oriented Care

Fundamentals of Recovery-Oriented Care

Graduate Certificate
Semester 1 - Core unit

This unit enables the student to understand and apply the recovery process, within the context of action and promotion of practices that support and facilitate people’s selfdirected recovery, regardless of age, to ensure achievement and maintenance of meaningful lives. Students increase their understanding of current systems and consider alternatives that support recovery-oriented care in practice.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Apply concepts and principles of recovery derived from the lived experience of mental distress. Outline core principles and explore adaptations underpinning recovery-oriented practice that are responsive to the needs of diverse people.
  • Describe impacts on people of the values, biases and beliefs built into professional training and service systems.
  • Engage in collaborative decision making about treatment choices.
  • Identify resources to meet a person’s needs relevant to a specific life stage, that exist within the community and, where there are gaps, work collaboratively to promote the development of appropriate resources.
  • Formulate and present, in partnership with a person and their family and support network, a plan of care and support for a person utilising
    evidence-based care and a person-centred recovery-oriented framework.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Recovery and recovery-oriented practice
Week 2 Evolving models of recovery and recovery-oriented practice
Week 3 Mental illness or Mental Distress?
Week 4 Hopeful engagement with people, their families and networks
Week 5 Diversity, culture and recovery
Week 6 Person first assessment
Week 7 Promoting self-determination in care planning
Week 8 Assessment, diagnosis and care planning to support recovery
Week 9 Impact of recovery approaches on individual interventions I
Week 10 Impact of recovery approaches on individual interventions II
Week 11 Recovery-oriented practice and service delivery with families and personal networks, other agencies and communities
Week 12 Integrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing
Week 13 Mental health and wellbeing promotion and prevention
Week 14 Measuring progress
Week 15 Benefits and challenges in implementing recovery-oriented approaches in my work and service