Diversity and Mental Health (8ALK009)

Diversity and Mental Health (8ALK009)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Teaching period ~ All teaching periods
Type ~ Lifespan Unit

This unit examines the diversity groups of: Aboriginal peoples, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, LGBTI, and people challenged by disability.

We will examine the differences for each group in terms of mental health and prevalence of mental ill health, known predicators of mental ill health, accessing and supporting individuals within these diverse groups, and the evidence-based strategies for effective inclusion of these groups to ensure improved mental health outcomes.

This unit has starting dates of 02 August, 06 September, and 25 October during the 2021 academic year.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Detail the differences for diversity groups compared to the general population in terms of mental health, and social and emotional wellbeing;
  • Describe the roles of different diversity groups’ gatekeepers in terms of accessing and supporting these groups with effective health care; and
  • Develop strategies for inclusion of these diversity groups.


Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Diversity and mental health
Week 2 Principles for inclusion in practice
Week 3 Mental health and the Aboriginal population
Week 4 Mental health across cultures
Week 5 Applying inclusion to a population of your choice