Trauma-Informed Care and Practice (8ALF008)

Trauma-Informed Care and Practice (8ALF008)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma
Availability ~ Teaching Period 2; Teaching Period 4
Type ~ Lifespan Unit

This unit enables the student to understand and critique the concepts of trauma and trauma informed care within the context of action and promotion of practices that support and facilitate optimal wellbeing of people with lived experience and those who support or work with them.

Students increase their understanding of current practice and consider alternatives that improve application of trauma informed principles in practice.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate application of the principles of trauma-informed care and practice;
  • Critically analyse the adaptations required to improve the application of trauma informed principles to current approaches and/or interventions; and
  • Examine the tensions that exist in trauma-informed care.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Understanding Trauma
Week 2 What is Trauma Informed Care and Practice
Week 3 Applying Principles of Trauma Informed Care and Practice
Week 4 Towards Implementation: Tools, Challenges and Perspectives
Week 5 Implementation Stories and Examples