Core skills when working with Older People (8AOF092)

Core skills when working with Older People (8AOF092)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Teaching Period 4
Type ~ Older

This Unit introduces and defines the common mental health conditions within the context of the older person, by exploring the features, and course of the conditions, and the lived experience for the person, carer(s), and families. This builds a foundational understanding that can be adapted to differing professional practice settings.

Students will evaluate environmental and other factors that contribute to mental health conditions in older people.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Describe the major features and development pathways for common mental health conditions within the older population and examine the key impacts of living with mental health conditions for the consumer, carers(s) and family
  • Develop and critique communication and assessment accommodations for common mental health conditions in the older person, including identification and creation of care plans from evidence-based research for older people dealing with a mental health conditions.


Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Adapting assessment and care planning for the older person
Week 2 Changes in common mental ill health with age
Week 3 Adapting therapies and interventions I
Week 4 Adapting therapies and interventions II
Week 5 Reducing suicide in old age