Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Care with Older People

Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Care with Older People

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Semester 2
Type ~ Older

As the Australian population ages, there is an increasing demand for recognising the different needs of people as they transition into old age. This unit provides a framework for students to apply recovery-oriented practices when working with people who are moving into old age. It explores the reality of challenges and developmental changes that occur with age, recognises the ongoing contribution of older people to society. Students will be adapting assessment, care planning, management and interventions to meet the needs of older people, as well as applying their knowledge of old age and common causes of mental illness and distress during this life stage.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge about normal development, mental illness and distress, and recovery with focus on old age (over 60 years) and the impact, use and management of current therapies and interventions.
  • Analyse the biopsychosocial situation of an individual and their personal ecology, including assessment and identification of any relevant factors including all forms of diversity and for prevalent mental health illnesses.
  • Formulate age appropriate biopsychosocial management and care plans using evidence-based therapies and interventions in collaboration with all key stakeholders who interact with the consumer.
  • Proactively consider and develop responses to improve outcomes for older people with mental ill health through policy, and legal or clinical practice including collaborative strategies with other professionals, older people and important peoples' within older peoples' lives.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 What happens to mental health as people age?
Week 2 Exploring the personal ecology
Week 3 Impact of Ageing
Week 4 The impact and implications of living at a very old age
Week 5 Challenges for the very old living with mental health conditions
Week 6 Strengths based approaches I
Week 7 Strengths based approaches II
Week 8 Adapting therapies and interventions for older people: Considering trauma
Week 9 Adapting therapies and interventions for older people: Mentallisation and CBT
Week 10 Adapting therapies and interventions for very old people
Week 11 Diversity and older persons mental health
Week 12 CALD consumers: Inclusion and choice
Week 13 Aboriginal consumers: Culture, inclusion and choice
Week 14 Sexuality: Considerations and choice
Week 15 Improving outcomes for older persons of diversity