Specific Interventions for Older People - Dementia (8AOF093)

Specific Interventions for Older People - Dementia (8AOF093)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Teaching Period 5
Type ~ Older

This unit introduces dementia and its impact on the person, including the provision of care and the process of care planning. Dementia and potential co-existing disorders such as delirium and other mental health conditions, will be defined and its impact on the person living with dementia, carer/s, families and their environment will be explored.

The process of assessment and care planning will be examined with the key focus of adaptation for the biopsychosocial environment of the individual. Students will evaluate a case study and develop an assessment and care plan in their aim to improve outcomes for the individual.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Examines the experience of people with dementia and coexisting disorders and their supporters; and
  • Analyse ways to improve the outcomes for people with dementia and co-existing disorders.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Approaching the older person with cognitive impairment (Dementia and delirium)
Week 2 Capacity, advocacy and positive risk taking
Week 3 Early onset dementia and providing support
Week 4 Living with dementia: reducing concerning behaviours
Week 5 Working with people with dementia and mental health conditions