Rural & Remote Medicine

Rural and Remote Mental Health

Recovery is being able to live a meaningful and satisfying life, as defined by each person, in the presence or absence of symptoms. It is about the person having control over and input into their own life

Rural Generalist Training

Mental health is a priority area for Medical Specialists in rural and remote areas for many reasons, including the high incidence of mental health conditions, high morbidity and mortality, and the specific challenges of mental health care delivery in rural and remote settings.

This contemporary recovery-oriented course is aligned to the specialisation of rural and remote medicine. It also fosters collaboration with other medical specialists: general practitioners and psychiatry trainees.

Tailored to rural and remote settings

HETI‘s Psychiatric Medicine Framework is tailored for medical specialists including rural generalists who are working in rural and remote settings.

Our courses have been designed from their inception to meet the needs of Rural and Remote doctors, with the topics mapped to the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) AST Curriculum.

The Psychiatric Medicine framework rural and remote specialisation is accredited for professional development by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

Who should apply?

Doctors with a passion for improving mental health and wellbeing. This program is tailored for those working in rural and remote settings.

To enrol in our postgraduate courses in Psychiatric Medicine you must be registered as a medical practitioner in Australia or New Zealand with at least one year’s clinical experience.

Learn more about entry requirements.

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SEMESTER 1 Recovery Focused Psychiatric Medicine (200101) A Whole Person Approach to Psychiatry (200102)
SEMESTER 2 Collaborative Mental Health Care (200103) Introduction to Contemporary Psychiatric Interventions (200104)
SEMESTER 1 Reconsidering the Context (200201) Integrating Physical and Mental Health (200202)
SEMESTER 2 Developmental Perspectives in Context 1: From Perinatal to Youth (200203) Developmental Perspectives in Context 2: Adults, Ageing and Beyond (200204)