A Whole Person Approach to Psychiatry (200102)

A Whole Person Approach to Psychiatry (200102)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Semester 1

This unit emphasises an integrative approach to collaborative mental health care with a focus on the development of assessment and management capabilities. Students will develop within the CanMEDS domains of Medical Expert and Scholar as they increase their ability to perform and report strengthbased biopsychosocial assessments, formulations and diagnoses in a manner that supports the collaborative development of evidence-based biopsychosocial management plans.

As students learn about mood and anxiety disorders, the foundations of the students’ lifelong learning will be strengthened through examination of reflective practice, feedback and supervision, critical evaluation and the principles of adult education in teaching both peers and others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improving knowledge of mood and anxiety disorders.
  • Utilising the CanMED Medical Expert and Scholar medical competencies to support the recovery journeys of people with mental illness.
  • Critical appraisal and application of contemporary psychiatric knowledge, treatment guidelines and research to inform appropriate care strategies.
  • Strength-based biopsychosocial mental health assessment, formulation, diagnosis and initial care planning.
  • Contemporary principles of adult teaching and learning.
  • Reflection on personal learning goals to improve recovery informed practice.

Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Making a Good Start – Engaging, Interviewing and Assessing
Topic 2 Formulation and Care Planning
Topic 3 Using Diagnosis Wisely
Topic 4 Evidence-Based Practice and Recovery-Oriented Care
Topic 5 Understanding Depression
Topic 6 Understanding Anxiety
Topic 7 Anxiety and Trauma
Topic 8 Working with People with Mood Disorders
Topic 9 Excellence in care across settings