Psychiatry Higher Education Course

What sets the course apart is the delivery, lecturers and class format. We discuss what we learn in the lectures and how to apply it in practice. The lecturers are all knowledgeable and make it interesting

Dhaval Barot Stage One Psychiatry trainee

Psychiatry plays an increasingly important role in medicine and society due to the frequency of mental health conditions and emergence of new research and innovation.

Our contemporary recovery-oriented program fosters collaboration between Psychiatry Trainees and other medical specialists including General Practitioners and Rural and Remote Medicine Specialists.

Supporting expertise in psychiatry

Your specialist knowledge of psychiatry will be supported by a psychiatry specialisation lead and developed with targeted assessments.

A dedicated stream of weekly activities focus on the unique requirements of Stage One trainees and their work transition. Students are equipped to prepare for RANZCP assessments and ‘survive training’. Activities will include:

  • How to prepare for Work Based Assessments and examinations.
  • How to best prepare for and approach MCQs for success.
  • Applying critical appraisal skills to examinations.
  • Looking after yourself through the training process.
  • Making the most of working with your supervisor and colleagues.


The Psychiatric Medicine program for Psychiatry Trainees has been accredited with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) to meet Stage 1 and Stage 2 requirements of the RANZCP Fellowship training program, as well as fulfilling the requirements of a master's level postgraduate qualification in Psychiatry.

A three-year non-award pathway is also available for RANZCP trainees who wish to achieve a Postgraduate Course in Psychiatry (PCP) which fulfills the requirements of a RANZCP Formal Education Course.

Who should apply?

Doctors, psychiatry trainees and fellows of RANZCP with a passion for improving mental health and wellbeing.

To enrol in our postgraduate courses in Psychiatric Medicine you must be registered as a medical practitioner in Australia or New Zealand with at least one year’s clinical experience.

Non-accredited registrars in psychiatry may enrol in a non-award pathway to complete Postgraduate Course in Psychiatry (PCP) with a letter of support from their local Director of Training to state that they are working in a suitable clinical position with supervision.

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SEMESTER 1 Recovery Focused Psychiatric Medicine A Whole Person Approach to Psychiatry
SEMESTER 2 Collaborative Mental Health Care Introduction to Contemporary Psychiatric Interventions
SEMESTER 1 Reconsidering the Context Integrating Physical and Mental Health
SEMESTER 2 Developmental Perspectives in Context 1: From Perinatal to Youth Developmental Perspectives in Context 2: Adults, Ageing and Beyond
SEMESTER 1 Comorbidity and Complexity Research and Project Planning
SEMESTER 2 Psychotherapy and Recovery Neurosciences and Recovery: From the Cellular to the Social Mental Health Capstone

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