Integrating Physical and Mental Health (200202)

Integrating Physical and Mental Health (200202)

Level ~ Graduate Diploma
Availability ~ Semester 1

Using the CanMEDS domains of Professional and Medical Expert, students will investigate opportunities and barriers to the implementation of collaborative, integrated approaches to care. Students will increase their collaborative skills across consultation liaison and other settings in contributing to both improving the mental health of people with physical illness, and physical health of people with mental illness, taking into account the limitations of these distinctions. Topics covered will include responses to medical illness and trauma, abnormal illness behavior, demoralisation and important endocrine, cardiac and metabolic updates. Students will further develop strategies for maintaining professional standards and importantly, address self-care as mental health professionals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Personal self-care and professional development.
  • Integrated management of physical and mental health.
  • Informed consent, duty of care and local mental health law as they apply to medically-ill patients, including those refusing treatment.
  • The influence of various industries, resource availability, and the history of psychiatry, upon the maintenance of a recovery orientation in professional practice.
  • The effects of serious mental illness on health service outcomes and the opportunity to improve practice.
  • The effects of specific care settings on the practitioner’s role when attributing and investigating symptoms/presentations that may represent physical or mental illness.

Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Physical or Mental Illness?
Topic 2 Population Health, Epidemiology and Health Promotion
Topic 3 Responses to illness
Topic 4 Physical Health in the Presence of Mental Illness
Topic 5 Organic Disorders
Topic 6 Clinical Approaches to Considering Mental Health Issues in the Presence of Physical Illness
Topic 7 Medical updates
Topic 8 Recovery and professionalism
Topic 9 Practice MCQ (Mock Exam)