Collaborative Mental Health Care (200103)

Collaborative Mental Health Care (200103)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Semester 2

In this unit students will learn to establish, develop, promote and model effective collaborations and communication pathways in psychiatry making use of the CanMEDS domains of Collaborator and Communicator. Students will explore settings and populations of people where breakdowns in these domains are a higher risk. Issues affecting Aboriginal people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, and those from rural and remote populations will be addressed. Students will explore personality and organic disorders through these domains, completing the unit with an interprofessional exploration of opportunities to improve the physical health for people living with mental illness. Students have access to a complementary workshop focused on the needs of those where past trauma has a lasting effect.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilising the CanMED Communicator and Collaborator medical competencies.
  • Improved knowledge of personality and organic disorders.
  • Key factors of a culturally appropriate approach to mental health care.
  • Continuous improvement of the student’s own written communication.
  • The impact of different perspectives of mental wellbeing of Aboriginal people.
  • The effects of geographic, social and/or professional isolation.
  • Integration and collaborative management of the patient’s physical and mental health.
  • Normal personality development.

Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 A Practical Approach to Culturally Inclusive Practice
Topic 2 Improving Communication
Topic 3 Impact of Location and Socioeconomic Status
Topic 4 Aboriginal Mental Wellbeing
Topic 5 Dimensions of Personality
Topic 6 Personality Disorder
Topic 7 Organic Disorders
Topic 8 Responses to Trauma
Topic 9 Integrating Physical and Mental Health