Introduction to Contemporary Psychiatric Interventions (200104)

Introduction to Contemporary Psychiatric Interventions (200104)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Semester 2

Bringing together recovery-oriented practice with evidence-based medicine requires an integration of all the CanMEDS competencies. Whilst this unit focuses upon the doctor as Medical Expert, students will consider how all the other CanMEDS domains facilitate and contribute to recovery-oriented care. This unit focuses on developing the student as a Medical Expert and Manager through examination of contemporary psychiatric treatments including biological, social and psychological treatments as well as the students evolving role as a psychiatric trainee working within a scope of practice, managing workloads and constructively participating in quality improvement activities.

Students will develop their abilities to demonstrate creativity and initiative in the application of skills in recovery-oriented psychotherapeutic, pharmacological, biological and sociocultural interventions. A skills-based workshop will focus on cognitive behavioural therapy skills

Learning Outcomes

  • The impact of role and scope of practice upon supervision and safe practice.
  • Using a “structured” recoveryoriented management approach where treatment does not appear to have been effective.
  • Effective and appropriate communication and engagement techniques for informed and collaborative decision making.
  • Application of the Manager and Medical Expert CanMEDS competencies in collaboratively selecting and initiating treatment.
  • A range of therapies used in a stepped biopsychosocial approach to care.

Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Introduction to Psychotherapy
Topic 2 Collaborative Care Planning
Topic 3 Motivational Interviewing and Supportive Psychotherapy
Topic 4 Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
Topic 5 Medications in Recovery Oriented Care - Antipsychotic
Topic 6 Medications in Recovery Oriented Care – Antidepressants, hypnotics and mood stabilisers
Topic 7 Social and Preventative Interventions
Topic 8 Putting it all Together – Stepped Care and Scope of Practice
Topic 9 Psychodynamic Therapies in Practice