Lifespan units
Mental Health, Mental Ill Health and Suicide (8ALK001)
Strength-Based Assessment and Care Planning (8ALF002)
Professional and Ethical Mental Health Care (8ALF003)
Attachment Development and Promoting Mental Health Across the Lifespan (8ALK004)
Sustaining your mental health practice (8ALF005)
Core Therapeutic Skills (8ALF006)
Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Practice (8ALF007)
Trauma-Informed Care and Practice (8ALF008)
Diversity and Mental Health (8ALK009)
Understanding mental health care in Australia (8ALK010)
Physical and mental health (8ALK011)
Evidence-based practice (8ALF013)
Introduction to Research (8ALF014)
Structured therapies 1 (8ALF016)
Working with families (8ALF019)
Substance dependence and addiction (8ASF027)
Psychosis (8ASF028)