Getting started with myHETI

Getting Started With Mental Health Studies

myHETI is how you access everything to do with your studies, so setting yourself up - to access and find your way around - is just the beginning.

What is myHETI?

myHETI is the system whereby all unit learning material is access. myHETI and myHETIconnect are not the same system.

myHETI is built on the Moodle Learning Management System, which is used in thousands of organisations globally.

Like all technology, it might be daunting at first, but the more you use it, the easier it will become.

Access to myHETI

All enrolled students will be granted access to their units in myHETI on 05 February 2021 for Semester 1, 2021.

Any new students will receive a system generated notification once their account has been set up. This usually occurs 2-3 days prior to receiving access to your unit learning material.

Technical requirements

As myHETI is only accessed while you are online, a stable internet connection is very important to work through your course.

If you’ve chosen a blended or online mode of study, connectivity is even more critical, as you will need to access the seminars via Zoom or myHETI.

All students will need Microsoft Office installed on the computer/tablet you’re using to complete your studies.

Here are a couple of quick tips to ensure technology enhances your study experience:

  • myHETI can be accessed through any current browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • Zoom is a video-streaming application. HETI uses it to include blended students in seminars and tutorials. (It’s simple to use and can be installed within minutes. In almost all instances it can also be installed without administrator privileges)
  • Microsoft Office will enable you to publish assessments and collaborate on documents with peers, when required. If you use a different type of word processor, we advise you save as a ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’.
  • If you are contributing toward a web forum, we strongly recommend you work in a word processor and then copy your contribution into the forum. This is especially true with longer responses as it can happen that your web browser times you out and your contribution could be lost. Working, in the first instance, in an external program will prevent this
  • Completing your studies on a reasonably new computer or tablet will maximise your experience.
  • For optimal results you will need a reliable microphone/headphone if you plan to engage via Zoom.
  • For IT issues you may experience whilst using myHETI please contact our IT Team for support.

Log in and password

When you log into myHETI, you can do so using either your student number or the email address you used when registering.

If you are unable to remember your password at any time, you can use the ‘Forgotten your username or password?’ link next to the login window. Just enter your username (student number) or email and a link will be sent to your email address, enabling you to change your password.

You can also change your password while logged into myHETI – simply go to the ‘My Admin’ tab in the main menu and follow the prompts.

Set up your profile

We highly recommend you take the time to complete your profile and tell your peers more about yourself. You can do this by going to the ‘Profile' tab on the main myHETI menu.

Your profile is split into six sections, including:

  1. General
  2. User picture
  3. Additional names
  4. Interests
  5. Optional
  6. Other fields

At the very least, please complete the ‘General’ section and upload a clear photo in ‘User picture’. Then use the ‘Description’ box to share something about your role, where you work and three personal learning goals for your course.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your goals with fellow students, make sure you record them in a safe place for yourself, as we will be asking you to reflect on them at various stages of your studies.