Where can I get more information on FEE-HELP?

View information on FEE-HELP and study assistance from the government or within the FEE-HELP Information Booklet.

Am I eligible for FEE-HELP?

You are eligible for FEE-HELP if you:

  • are studying at an approved FEE-HELP provider such as HETI Higher Education
  • meet the citizenship and residency requirements
  • are enrolled in an eligible unit of study by the census date
  • have not exceeded the FEE-HELP limit

Please see the FEE-HELP Information Booklet for more information.

How do I apply for FEE-HELP?

All applications for FEE-HELP are completed via myHETIconnect 'Courses and Units' Tab. Once you have accepted your Letter of Offer, this tab will be made available.

What is the FEE-HELP application deadline?

The application deadline is 2 weeks prior to the census date. The specific date is included in the academic calendar.

What happens if I withdraw after census?

If you withdraw from a unit after the census date you will still have to pay your tuition fees or FEE-HELP loan (depending on your payment method). This will occur regardless of whether you have submitted assessments or plan to repeat the unit.

If you have experienced some unexpected extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for special consideration. Please contact a Cohort Convenor to discuss your options.