Transitioning to Psychiatry Training

Transitioning to Psychiatry Training

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Semester 1

Commencing psychiatry training is a time of major transitions. So much to learn about being a registrar, RANZCP assessment expectations, and psychiatry! Plus the complexities of family, friends and life. This semester supports your exploration of core concepts, skills and scenarios required for contemporary psychiatric practice in Australia. Individual topics are those described in the Psychiatric Medicine Units Recovery Focused Psychiatric Medicine and A Whole Person Approach to Psychiatry.

Exam Preparation sessions will focus on transition to training, understanding the major RANZCP assessments, and developing Critical Analysis Question related skills.

Learning Outcomes

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Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Orientation to Psychiatric Medicine
Topic 2 Making a good start – Engaging, interviewing and assessing
Topic 3 Underpinnings of recovery-oriented psychiatry
Topic 4 Formulation and care planning
Topic 5 Professionalism, ethics and wellbeing
Topic 6 Using diagnosis wisely
Topic 7Recovery-oriented use of mental health legislation
Topic 8Evidence-based practice and recovery-oriented care
Week 9Influences of normal development for practice
Week 10Understanding depression
Week 11Mental health care in Australia
Week 12Understanding Anxiety
Week 13Psychoses: biologically or socially determined?
Week 14Anxiety and trauma
Week 15Introduction to substance related disorders
Week 16Working with people with mood disorders
Week 17Recovery-oriented management of psychiatric emergencies
Week 18Excellence in care across settings