Developmental Screening & Assessment (8APK032)

Developmental Screening & Assessment (8APK032)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ All teaching periods
Type ~ Perinatal and Infant

This module develops core knowledge for assessing infant development and understanding or ‘formulating’ their difficulties.

This unit has starting dates of 31 Jan, 21 March, 09 May, 18 July, 05 September & 24 Oct during the 2022 academic year.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe developmentally appropriate assessment tools for use with infants and young children; and
  • Demonstrate knowledge of formulation and care planning in perinatal and infant mental health


Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Principles of assessment in perinatal and infant mental health
Week 2 The assessment process
Week 3 Formulation and care planning
Week 4 Developmental assessments
Week 5 DC-05