Parents and caregivers (8APK033)

Parents and caregivers (8APK033)

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ All teaching periods
Type ~ Perinatal and Infant

Infants are born into a social world and their survival depends on their successful integration into it. From this perspective, the family can be seen as a ‘holding environment’ for the developing infant. Infants are so dependent on their environments for the support they need to develop appropriately, that any discussion of infant mental health has to include careful consideration of the context of the infant’s life.

In fact, perhaps the key challenge in parent/infant work is to try to grasp the complexity of issues that exist for the families we work with. The aim of this topic is to explore aspects of diversity in family environments.

This unit has starting dates of 31 Jan, 21 March, 09 May, 18 July, 05 September & 24 Oct during the 2022 academic year.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe key biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the mental health and emotional well-being of parents and caregivers


Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Family life
Week 2 Reflective functioning
Week 3 Issues and challenges
Week 4 Mental health and wellbeing of fathers
Week 5 Grandparents and extended family