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Rhonda Loftus HETI Higher Education

Mental Health Studies Opportunities

‘Through adversity comes new opportunities, bringing about a new energy and deeper connections. Indeed, human connection is arguably more important than ever right now across all workplaces especially for those delivering human services.’

By Rhonda Loftus, Executive Director, Mental Health and Higher Education

The COVID pandemic has brought about a worldwide range of mental health challenges and perhaps most frustratingly, we don’t know when this will end or what the ‘new normal’ is likely to bring.

However, we do know this period in history has served as the catalyst for major changes in the way we live, study and work; the extent of which we are still uncovering.

The rise of flexibility

In some ways the pandemic has forced more flexibility on many of us, while simultaneously requiring others – such as essential workers and many others –  to remain consistently present, both physically and emotionally.

Regardless of our own experience, collective growth lies in a shift toward values-based priorities, challenging the notion of what it means to be ‘busy’. Such answers may not be immediately forthcoming, but they are worth exploring, given change and challenge are our only constants right now. This kind of reflection is leading many to consider the critical importance of good mental health, as just one example.

Supported Places Program

The Commonwealth Government has embodied change in this respect, as evidenced through the roll-out of the Supported Places Program, designed to provide students with subsidised access to undertake short courses, such as HETI Higher Education’s Graduate Certificate in Applied Mental Health Studies.

This move is a direct result of COVID’s impact by enabling people to consider new skill development in areas such as mental health; partly in recognition of our shifting priorities. It sparks positive knock-on effects, with HETI Higher Education’s Graduate Certificate now able to be offered as a full-time course in Semester 2, 2021 alongside the standard part-time version. Over 95% of students successfully completed it last year, and no doubt many more students are likely to enroll through the Supported Places Program, which is offered at the subsidised price of $2,500 for eligible students.

Human connections

Through adversity comes new opportunities, bringing about a new energy and deeper connections as shown through the above example. Indeed, human connection is arguably more important than ever right now across all workplaces especially for those delivering human services. As a sector we need to remain open to change and growth; requiring shared learning, humility, and support for those to whom we offer education. HETI Higher Education takes immense pride in the support we provide to our learners, no matter what the course delivery platform, the location or the length of study.

As Gunnedah-based Graduate Certificate student, Linda Newell, recalls of her experience, “I remember meeting David, the librarian at HETI. Since I’d travelled so far, he spent a fair bit of his valuable time helping me to familiarise myself with HETI Higher Education, and he was just so supportive. Coming from a small rural community, personal relationships are important to me ... This initial positive experience has been consistent ever since, with such positive interactions with HETI Higher Education staff.”

These connections are what matter more than ever as our landscape shifts around us all. I am so proud of how HETI consistently responds to such opportunities with shared humanity and evidence-based learning every step of the way.

More information

To find out what courses across Australia qualify for the Supported Places Program, head to the Commonwealth Government’s Course Seeker website

HETI’s Graduate Certificate Applied Mental Health Studies is Commonwealth Funded for Australian residents seeking to complete and commit to four units of study across semester 2, 2021. Please note that this is a 40 hour per week commitment. This course can be completed within six months but as with all of its offerings, HETI Higher Education is delivered flexibly so students can complete it over a slightly longer period if that suits their needs. Despite the more intense workload, this timeframe is achievable according to positive feedback from past and current students.  HETI will be offering all our specialisations in Semester 2, 2021 for this full-time option only.

Each of the links below allow you to view the content available in each specialisation

The student contribution is $2,500 for the entire Graduate Certificate and FEE HELP is available.

HETI Higher Education encourages anyone who has a passion for improving mental health and wellbeing in their area of specialisation to apply. To be eligible for this course you must be an Australian resident who will study with us for the first time. Please send your expression of interest for this course to to receive an information pack regarding how to prepare for completing your admission application.

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