Working with complexity

Working with complexity

Level ~ Masters
Availability ~ Semester 1

In this semester you will enhance your ability to understand and support as a psychiatrist those who are often considered too ‘difficult’ by others. Expand your concepts of practice and opportunities as you learn about the needs of individuals who have difficulties with substance misuse, intellectual disability or interface with the forensic system. At the same time, develop your understanding of how to prepare for and undertake a research (or scholarly) project.

Individual topics are those described in the Psychiatric Medicine Units Research and Project Planning and Comorbidity and Complexity.

Learning Outcomes

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Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Introductions & Leadership in recoveryoriented care
Topic 2 Scholarly Project overview & Aboriginal social and emotional
Topic 3 Scholarly Project success & limiting alcohol related harm
Topic 4 Conducting a literature review & Neuropharmacology and stimulants
Topic 5 Clinical Audits & Substance Related Mental Illness
Topic 6 Case Series & Working with Risk of Harm to Others
Topic 7Quality Assurance & OTC and Prescribed Medication Misuse
Topic 8Project ethics & Reducing Opiate Dependence
Week 9Sharing Project Success & Forensic Assessment and Reporting
Week 10Working with Data & Intellectual Disability 1
Week 11Qualitative Research & Intellectual Disability 2
Week 12Quantitative Data & Intellectual Disability 3
Week 13Writing a Scholarly Project & Forensic Mental Health Systems
Week 14Publication & Working in Forensic contexts
Week 15Conference Presentation & Disorders More Common in Forensic Populations
Week 16Sleep disorders – social, psychiatric or medical?
Week 17Working with people with problems with gambling
Week 18Preventing nicotine misuse in people with mental illness