Psychiatry across the lifespan

Psychiatry across the lifespan

Level ~ Graduate Diploma
Availability ~ Semester 2

Mental health, mental illness, needs, communities and capabilities continue to change through our lifespan. In this Semester you will enhance your knowledge of these changes from infancy to very old age: and their implication for psychiatric practice. Individual topics are those described in the Psychiatric Medicine Units Developmental Perspectives in Context 1 and 2.

Exam Preparation sessions will focus on understanding and preparing for the RANZCP Essay Exams.

Learning Outcomes

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Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Developmental theories
Topic 2 Can I look forward to older age?
Topic 3 Introduction to working with children and adolescents
Topic 4 Adapting practice for older people
Topic 5 Perinatal psychiatry – focus on the infant
Topic 6 Adapting treatment for the older person
Topic 7Preschool to early primary school
Topic 8Depression and suicide in older people
Week 9Families, parenting and communication skills
Week 10Is my memory going?
Week 11Adolescent and youth psychiatry
Week 12“He’s not how he used to be…” Personality change & psychoses in older people
Week 13Child psychiatry in the consultation-liaison setting
Week 14Legal Dilemmas – Enabling Consent or Allowing Neglect?
Week 15Perinatal psychiatry – focus on the parent
Week 16Disturbed behaviour in older people
Week 17OSCE Exam Workshop
Week 18Anxiety in later life