Neurosciences and the psychotherapies

Neurosciences and the psychotherapies

Level ~ Masters
Availability ~ Semester 2

For many trainees this will be their final semester in the Postgraduate Course in Psychiatry. You will explore a range of areas related to the neurosciences, and how to purposefully translate complex information into formats that communicate to a broad range of audiences. You will also take a more in depth exploration of the psychotherapies and consider the implications for ongoing safe practice development. Individual topics are those described in the Psychiatric Medicine Units Psychotherapy and Recovery and Neurosciences and Recovery: From the Cellular to the Social.

The major RANZCP assessment supported in this semester is development of perspectives that will inform the Psychotherapy Case. Communication translation is relevant to the Critical Essay Exam and some scholarly projects.

With permission from their Director of Training and employer, trainees may undertake individual Year 2 and 3 units in reverse order if these best aligns with other training experiences and goals.

Learning Outcomes

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Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Psychotherapy - What’s the Evidence?
Topic 2 What Matters in Neurosciences and Recovery?
Topic 3 Psychotherapy – Roles, Ethics and Collaboration in Recovery-Oriented Practice
Topic 4 Culture, Society and the Neurosciences
Topic 5 Psychodynamic Therapies 1
Topic 6 Advanced Exploration of Treatment Refractoriness
Topic 7Psychodynamic Therapies 2
Topic 8Advanced Neurostimulation
Week 9Presenting Psychotherapy Cases
Week 10Advanced Child Neuroscience
Week 11Structured Therapies
Week 12Advanced Older Person’s Neuroscience
Week 13e-therapies and Supportive Therapies
Week 14Neuroscience of Psychotherapy
Week 15Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
Week 16Neuroscience of Resilience
Week 17Systemic Therapies
Week 18Mock Essay Exam