Meeting diverse needs

Meeting diverse needs

Level ~ Graduate Diploma
Availability ~ Semester 1

The psychiatrist remains a doctor: with a unique set of skills to assess and integrate complexity at the interface of physical and mental health and ill health. In this semester you will enhance these skills with further development of your research and practice improvement capacity, and increased depth of understanding of the needs of diverse communities. Individual topics are those described in the Psychiatric Medicine Units Reconsidering the Context and Integrating Physical and Mental Health.

Exam Preparation sessions will continue preparation for the RANZCP Multiple Choice Question exam before a concluding MCQ Mini-Exam workshop and Essay exams workshop.

Learning Outcomes

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Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Physical or mental illness?
Topic 2 Research and Practice Improvement
Topic 3 Population health, epidemiology and health promotion
Topic 4 Research Design, Analysis and Appraisal
Topic 5 Responses to illness
Topic 6 Culture and Psychiatric Practice
Topic 7Physical health in the presence of mental illness
Topic 8Working Across Governance Systems
Week 9Organic disorders
Week 10Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and Psychiatric Practice
Week 11Clinical approaches to considering mental health issues in the presence of physical illness
Week 12Mental Health in Rural and Remote Contexts
Week 13Medical updates
Week 14Improving Aboriginal Mental Health and Wellbeing
Week 15Recovery and professionalism
Week 16Gender, Mental Health and Mental Illness
Week 17Practice MCQ (Mock Exam)
Week 18RANZCP Essay Workshop