Communities, interventions and psychiatry

Communities, interventions and psychiatry

Level ~ Graduate Certificate
Availability ~ Semester 2

The successful psychiatrist integrates knowledge of effective interventions with a detailed knowledge of, and empathy for, individuals from diverse backgrounds, communities and experiences. In this Semester you will further develop your CanMEDS competencies as you hear about and study these topics. Individual topics are those described in the Psychiatric Medicine Units Collaborative Mental Healthcare and Introduction to Contemporary Psychiatric Interventions.

Exam Preparation sessions will focus on understanding and preparing for the RANZCP Multiple Choice Question exam.

Learning Outcomes

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Teaching Schedule
Topic 1 Introduction to Psychotherapy
Topic 2 A practical approach to culturally inclusive practice
Topic 3 Collaborative Care Planning
Topic 4 Improving Communication
Topic 5 Motivational Interviewing and Supportive Psychotherapy
Topic 6 Impact of location and socioeconomic status
Topic 7Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
Topic 8Aboriginal Mental Health
Week 9Medications in Recovery Oriented Care – Antidepressants, hypnotics and mood stabilisers
Week 10Dimensions of Personality
Week 11Medications in Recovery Oriented Care - Antipsychotics
Week 12Personality Disorder
Week 13Social and preventative interventions
Week 14Integrating Physical and Mental Health
Week 15Psychodynamic Therapies in Practice
Week 16Organic Disorders
Week 17Putting it all Together – Stepped Care and Scope of Practice
Week 18Responses to trauma