Update your details

Update Mental Health Study Student Details

HETI Higher Education offers the convenience of an online Student Portal (MyHETIconnect) which will allow you to:

  • Apply for admission to HETI Higher Education courses
  • Enrol into your units
  • Apply for FEE-HELP
  • Apply for scholarships
  • View and pay invoices and download unit fee receipts
  • Request extensions or apply for special consideration
  • Update your contact details.
  • View your unit mark and grades once they have been finalised at the end of semester.

How to use:

1. Access the Student Portal via your web browser. The first time you access the Student Portal you will be required to create an account, using your email address or Student ID.

2. Login with your Student ID and your password. If you have any problems logging in, please contact support@heti.edu.au.

3. Details of your enrolments will appear in the Courses and Units tab. From here you can scroll to the following areas:

a. Courses – view details of the course in which your are currently enrolled, apply for FEE-HELP via the Request FEE-HELP Assistance button.

b. Units – view the units in which you are currently enrolled. You are not able to make any changes here. This is also where you will view your unit results once they have been released.

Updating personal details

1. Navigate to the Student Requests and Details tab.

2. In the My Personal Details section, click on the Update button next to the information you wish to edit. Make your changes and follow any prompts to submit your changes.

Please note that some changes may require confirmation via your Cohort Convenor (CC) and you may be asked to provide additional documentation (for example, a certified marriage certificate if you wish to update your family name). For more information on certification please see the information brochure.

Changing your password


1. Log into the Student Portal.

2. Next to your name at the top right hand side of your window, click the arrow to select Change Password.


Please contact your Cohort Convenor at support@heti.edu.au if you are experiencing any problems in the Student Portal.