Mental Health Course Graduation

Graduation 2021

The HETI Higher Education Graduation conferral date for students who completed their studies in Semester 1, 2021 is 19 November 2021.

Given the unusual situation we are currently experiencing with COVID-19, HETI Higher Education has made the decision to reschedule our 2021 Graduation Ceremony. This ceremony will  be held in 2022 and will include students who complete their studies at the end of Semester 2, 2021. We will advise details once confirmed.

A PDF of your Academic Transcript will be e-mailed to you after the conferral date (19 November 2022).

Please note that because we do not currently have access to normal printing, additional documents will be presented to you at the ceremony.

Check eligibility

If a student meets the academic requirements of their course, they may be eligible to graduate. Eligible students will be required to notify HETI of their intention to graduate at the end of semester of their final semester of study, or to progress in their studies by completing the intention to graduate form. Students who are identified as eligible to graduate will be notified in early March.

If you have any queries regarding your graduation eligibility, please contact your Unit Coordinator or Cohort Convenor.

Check personal details

Graduates will be asked to verify their name and contact details when confirming their intention to graduate. These contact details will ensure that your graduation documents are posted to the correct address in the event you choose not to attend the graduation ceremony. Graduates who fail to update their address details prior to this deadline, may incur additional costs associated with replacement documents and postage, as well as potential delays in receiving their documents.

How will my name be printed on my testamur?

The testamur is a legal document and we can only print your legal names. It must be the same name as your other official documents, ie. birth certificate, passport. Titles are not printed on graduation documents.

What if I need to change my name?

Evidence will be required for any legal change of name.

Not attending the ceremony?

Graduates who don’t attend their graduation ceremony will be graduated in absentia and their documents will be mailed to their personal address as nominated on their intention to graduate form.

If a graduate elects to defer attending their graduation ceremony, they will still be graduated in absentia and their academic transcript and results statement will be mailed to their specified address. This does not affect their ability to attend a later graduation ceremony.

Documents are sent by Registered Post using Australia Post.

Graduation Day Order of events

The ceremony is an opportunity for graduates to celebrate their achievements with family, friends and staff. At the ceremony, graduates are presented with their Testamur, Academic Transcript and results statement.

Academic Dress

Graduates are required to wear academic dress to the graduation ceremony. Graduates do not pay to hire the gowns for the ceremony, they will be supplied for use at the ceremony. Invited guests are encouraged to dress in smart casual attire for the ceremony.


Typically, photographs are taken of the Graduation Ceremony including portrait photographs of our graduates in academic dress. These single photographs can be purchased for a small fee as memorabilia of your graduation day. Further details regarding photographs will be distributed to graduates prior to their ceremony.

2021 ceremony details

Will be updated once confirmed.

Can I get my testamur before my graduation ceremony?

No, the testamur is presented at the Graduation ceremony or posted for those students graduating in absentia.

What is the AHEGS?

The Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS) is a Commonwealth initiative which aims to provide a more uniform pattern of information across all Australian universities regarding the learning and achievements of individuals in higher education.

Replacement documents

Your award certificate (also called testamur or degree certificate) is a valuable document. To protect against fraudulent use of certificates, copies cannot be issued, except when the original has been permanently lost or destroyed.

To replace a genuinely lost or destroyed certificate, you can download a Request for Replacement Academic Documents form and send this to HETI following the instructions on the form.

Upon receipt of a Request for Replacement Academic Documents Form, your request will be verified against your student record. After verification, the requested documents will be sent to the graduate by Registered Post.

How will the transition from NSWIOP to HETI affect my academic documents?

A document will be provided acknowledging NSWIOP courses completed.

Post-Nominal Academic Abbreviation

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Post-Nominal Academic Abbreviation

Applied Mental Health Studies

Master of Applied Mental Health Studies



Graduate Diploma in Applied Mental Health Studies



Graduate Certificate in Applied Mental Health Studies


Psychiatric Medicine

Master of Psychiatric Medicine



Graduate Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine



Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Medicine