Mental health care in residential aged care facilities (8AOF095)

Mental health care in residential aged care facilities (8AOF095)

Level ~ Graduate Diploma
Availability ~ To be announced
Type ~ Older

This unit has been developed as a result of Recommendation 81: Ongoing professional development of the aged care workforce, and Recommendation 83: Funding for teaching aged care programs as part of the Royal Commission into Aged Care. The unit will provide an overview of mental health in older people utilizing recovery focused, strengths based, person centered care to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health in older people for RNs and EENs working within RACF.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  1. Examine the impact of mental health within RACF’s;
  2. Use a strengths-based approach to outline strategies to effectively recognise and support those experiencing mental ill-health through the development of assessment and evaluation for improved outcomes; and
  3. Investigate strategies to address specific issues related to diverse populations experiencing mental ill-health within RACFs and develop strategies to adapt care and supports.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 How does mental health impact older people living in RACFs?
Week 2 Mental Health assessment for older people
Week 3 How to promote mental health within RACFs? Services available to support those with mental ill-health for those living in RACF
Week 4 Use of a strengths-based approach to mental health care within RACFs
Week 5 Mental Health and diversity in the older person living within RACFs