Introducing Short Units for GCAMHS

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You may have heard of the introduction of short units into the Graduate Certificate Applied Mental Health Studies. We are hoping that this new short unit structure will support students to better choose a learning pathway that can fit with other pressures in their lives by allowing you to choose which teaching periods and units fit.

What is the difference?

Your previous units have been studied as 150-hour units over a 15-week semester and our part-time students studied 300 hours over a semester. Our units can be now studied as 50-hour units over selected teaching periods.

Teaching periods for the 2021 start on August 2nd, September 6th and October 25th. Each teaching period has five teaching weeks; teaching period 5 (Sep 6th) has a two week break in the middle of it.

Can I enrol into these units now?

Yes – please progress to myHETIconnect, Courses and Units Tab to enrol into your units. A suggested sequence for each specialisation can be found below.

What happens if I previously used FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP is applied for at a course level (not unit level), there is no further action needed from you at this time and all FEE-HELP will be processed based on your unit enrolment.

When is Census date?

By offering unit flexibility you can enrol into all the Teaching Period and can withdraw without academic penalty up to seven days after the teaching period has commenced (for AMHS Graduate Certificate and Professional Development only). All other Graduate Diploma/Masters courses have a census date of 30 August.

In short, your enrolment for these teaching periods will need to be finalised and paid on or before this date in accordance with our fees policy.

Suggested learning sequence for Part-Time students:

The links below provide a suggested learning sequence for each specialisation based on studying 300 hours over the next three teaching periods. This includes KNOWLEDGE units (units with a ‘K’ in the code) that are self-directed, independent learning units. These units can be completed at your own pace over any period of time across two teaching periods. FOUNDATION units are available only in one teaching period and those Foundation units that are specialised are only available this semester.

Note that the units shaded are not available at times other than indicated and so are critical in terms of progression.

If you were planning to complete 150 hours of study (previously referred to as 1 unit), we suggest you enroll into three 50 hour specialisation units that are shaded (that is any unit that has a code number greater than 029).

Perinatal and Infant Specialisation

Child and Youth Specialisation

Adult Specialisation

Older Persons Specialisation

All of these units are on the website and can be found by entering the code into the search option (e.g. 8ALF070) or visiting your specialisation page.

If you have any questions regarding your learning pathway, please contact the Learning Pathways Team at 02 9844 6111 or send an email to