Dr Susan Grimes

Dr Susan Grimes

Director, Mental Health and Higher Education

Susan is a passionate and experienced educator within  multiple contexts. She  has experience across a range of industries including higher education, health  and manufacturing. Use of technology in education environments across both school  and higher education sectors is a current and past focus. This includes the use  of Virtual Reality and the ethical and equity considerations of the use of AI  within educational contexts.  As Director  Education and Training her major focus is the transformation of our  postgraduate mental health programs to accommodate increased flexibility and  relevance for health professionals. Her role is to lead the academic team in  the re-imagining of the boundaries between education and training, to empower  students through provision of stackable credentials for professional  development, and development of learning pathways for formal qualification  purposes. Her research and educational experiences in the development of  inclusive curriculum within higher education contexts is well suited to the  mental health portfolio.


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Australian Government Research Training Program  Scholarship (2015-2018).

Current Research Projects

Modularising the Curriculum (2019- )

Completed Research Projects

2020 Artificial intelligence and emerging technologies –2019.
Students with Learning challenges; The Hidden Population  2015 – 2018.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (Past five years)

Grimes, S.,  Southgate, E., Scevak,  J., & Buchanan, R. (2019b). Learning impacts reported by students living  with learning challenges/disability, Studies in Higher Education,  doi: 10.1080/03075079.2019.1661986

Grimes, S., Southgate,  E., Scevak,  J., & Buchanan, R. (2019a) University experiences of disability and the  influence of stigma on institutional non-disclosure and learning. Journal  of Postsecondary Education and Disability. https://doi.org/10.1080/13603116.2018.1442507

Grimes, S.,  Southgate, E., Scevak,  J., & Buchanan, R. (2018). University student perspectives on institutional  non-disclosure of disability and learning challenges: Reasons for staying  invisible. International Journal of Inclusive Education.  doi:10.1080/13603116.2018.1442507

Grimes, S., Scevak,  J., Southgate, E., & Buchanan, R. (2017). Non-disclosing students with  disabilities or learning challenges: Characteristics and size of a hidden  population. The Australian Educational Researcher.  doi:10.1007/s13384-017-0242-y


Southgate, E., Blackmore, K., Pieschl, S., Grimes, S., McGuire, J. & Smithers,  K. (2019). Artificial intelligence and emerging technologies (virtual, augmented  and mixed reality) in schools: A research report. Newcastle:  University of Newcastle, Australia.  

Book  Chapters

Southgate, E., Grimes, S. & Cox, J. (2018) High status professions, their  related degrees and the social construction of ‘quality’. In M. Shah & J.  McKay (Ed). Achieving Equity and Academic Excellence in Higher  Education: Global Perspectives in an Era of Widening Participation. Basingstoke:  Palgrave MacMillan.

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