Dr Kerry-Ann Grant

Dr Kerry-Ann Grant

Academic Lead
BSc – Psychology (Hons), PhD

Dr Kerry-Ann Grant is a senior educator at Health Education and  Training Institute (HETI) Higher Education, Mental Health Portfolio. Kerry-Ann  leads the postgraduate programs of study in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health.  Kerry-Ann’s strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research is driven  by her goal to better understand the biopsychosocial and cultural factors that  impact infant and child development and parenting processes. Kerry-Ann  completed her PhD at Macquarie University and then travelled to the United  States where she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of  California. She has published several studies examining the impact of early  life stress on maternal wellbeing and infant social, emotional and cognitive  development. Kerry-Ann is currently leading a multidisciplinary, multisite  longitudinal study investigating stress and coping around routine prenatal  testing.

Kerry-Ann’s commitment and contribution to the field of perinatal and  infant mental health is further demonstrated through her involvement with the Australian  Association for Infant Mental Health (AAIMH) where she has held the role of NSW  branch President for two successive terms. She also represents NSW on the AAIMH  National working committee for the development of competency guidelines for the  infant mental health workforce.

Grants: Competitive external grants

HeartKids Australia  Project Grant (Assessed by the National Health & Medical Research Council).  $300,000 - 2011 – 2013. Parental response  to fetal or postnatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease and subsequent  infant developmental outcomes: A unique test of the fetal programming  hypothesis.
National Health & Medical Research Council Project Grant. $556,650  - 2010 – 2012.  Maternal anxiety in pregnancy: Testing the fetal programming hypothesis.

Grants: Competitive internal grants

Macquarie University Research Infrastructure Block Grant. $49,150 -  2012
Department funding for various projects and grants. $33,000 - 2004-2011

Current Research Projects

A prospective investigation of  the psychological impact of prenatal testing
Collaborative prospective  study with Northern Beaches Child and Family Health and Sydney Ultrasound
First sounds, first steps
Collaborative prospective  study with Macquarie University Centre for cognitive sciences and the MARCS  Institute for Brain, behaviour and Development

Completed Research Projects

A randomised controlled pilot  study of a brief mindfulness-based intervention for use during pregnancy
Vicarious acquisition and inhibition of fearful behaviours in infants
Preschooler Sleep Problems: Associations with Maternal Sleep-Related  Cognitions, Bedtime Interactions and Maternal and Child Anxiety
Pregnancy-specific anxiety and a woman’s  emotional bond to her unborn baby.
Associations between exposure to  prenatal synthetic glucocorticoids and early adversity and cognitive functioning  in children
Prenatal anxiety disorder,  maternal sensitivity and neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants
Parental care and control during  childhood: Associations with maternal perinatal mood disturbance and parenting  stress
The CHERISH Study: Examining  parental responses to foetal or postnatal diagnosis of complex congenital heart  disease and subsequent infant developmental outcomes
Social comparison: Its role in the Big-Fish-Little-Pond effect
And more …


Brookman, R., Kalashnikova,  M., Conti, J., Xu, N., Grant, K-A.,  Demuth, K., & Burnham, D. (Accepted November 2019). Child Development. Mother-infant  interactions and expressive language development: The effects of  maternal depression and anxiety

Newall, C., Watson,  T., Grant, K-A., & Richardson,  R. (2017). Diminishing fear in childhood: The relative effectiveness of  extinction and counter-conditioning of vicariously acquired fear. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 95, 42-49.

Korja, R., Nolvi, S., Grant, K-A., & McMahon, C.  (2017). The relations between maternal prenatal anxiety or stress and child’s  early negative reactivity or self-regulation: A systematic review. Child Psychiatry and Human Development,  48(6), 851-869.

McDonald, H.M.,  Sherman, K., Petocz, P., Kangas, M., Grant, K-A., & Kasparian, N. (2016). Mindfulness and the  experience of psychological distress: The mediating effects of emotion  regulation and attachment anxiety. Mindfulness,  7(4), 799-808.

Grant, K-A., Sandman, C., Wing, D., Dmitrieva, J., & Davis, E.  (2015). Prenatal Programming of Postnatal Susceptibility to Memory Impairments:  A Developmental Double Jeopardy. Psychological  Science, 26(7), 1054-1062.

Roncolato, W., McMahon, C. & Grant,  K-A. (2014) Facilitators and Regulators: Antenatal maternal orientation and  postnatal maternal parenting practices. Journal  of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 32(3), 214-229.

Research Supervision (primary)

Research supervision, Macquarie University

  • Master of Research
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, Macquarie University
  • Psychology Honours
  • Undergraduate Research Internship

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