Dr Amanda Rosso Buckton

Dr Amanda Rosso Buckton

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PhD (Anthropology and Sociology), BA (Hons), Adv. Cert. Psychiatric Nursing (Glebe), RN (Non-practising)

Amanda completed her PhD in social and cultural anthropology through  the University of Newcastle in 2005, undertaking fieldwork in Greece where she  examined women’s lived experiences of mental distress within localised medical  and religious worlds. She has taught in medical anthropology, public health and  psychiatry, and worked in cultural studies research focused on cultural  diversity in children’s health care. Amanda promotes the importance of  contextualised perspectives, taking into account the social, cultural,  historical, economic and political conditions that influence and determine  health encounters within psychiatric contexts.

Completed Research Projects

Rosso-Buckton, Amanda  (2006) “Feed a Cold and Starve a Demon:  the Poetics of Madness in Kefalonia”, unpublished doctoral dissertation.

Rosso, Amanda (1997) “Behind Every Crooked Thought There Lies a  Crooked Molecule”: A Sociocultural Analysis of Prozac, unpublished Honours  thesis.


Franklin,  M., Patterson, P., Allison KR, Rosso-Buckton,  A., Walczak, A. (2019) An invisible patient: Healthcare professionals’  perspectives on caring for adolescent and young adults who have a sibling with  cancer, European Journal of Cancer Care 27 (6), e12970

Rosso  Buckton, A. (2015) Conversations between  anthropology and psychiatry: drawing out the best from interdiscplinarity in  global mental health, Australasian  Psychiatry, 23(6) Supplement  3–5

Rosso Buckton, A. (2014) Review of Deborah Weinstein, The  Pathological Family: Postwar America and the Rise of Family Therapy, Cornell  University Press, Somatosphere,  September 4th

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