Student Information

How long does a course take?

We offer three “nested” levels of award qualifications. If you choose to study two units per semester (the maximum), you will complete your studies in the following timeframes:

  • Graduate Certificate (one year)
  • Graduate Diploma (two years)
  • Masters (three years)

If you choose to study one unit per semester, you will complete your studies in the following timeframes:

  • Graduate Certificate (two years)
  • Graduate Diploma (four years)
  • Masters (six years)

It is also possible for students to study single units.

What are the entry requirements?

You will need a medical degree to apply for the Psychiatric Medicine framework, whereas the Applied Mental Health Studies framework is open to a wide range of professionals.

Entry requirements are different for each course and may vary based on your skills, previous qualifications and experience.

How is the course delivered?

Online learning is the mode of delivery for all Applied Mental Health Studies courses.

Psychiatric Medicine students can choose to study either:

  • onsite at our North Parramatta campus
  • online via live video conferencing
  • online with delayed participation
  • a combination

Can I study part-time?

You can choose to study either one or two units per semester, both of which are considered part-time loads. We do not offer the option to study more than two units per semester. Students are encouraged to discuss options with a Student Support Officer.

What is the work load?

You can expect to study for approximately 10 hours per week, for each unit.  Some weeks this may be less, others it may be more (e.g. near assessment due dates).

Study activities may include participating in seminars, tutorials, web forums, learning activities, or completing readings.

This estimation is the same across all our units, regardless of whether you are enrolled at graduate certificate or master's level.

How do I change my enrolment, withdraw or defer?

You can use an Enrolment Variation Form to:

  • apply for a leave of absence
  • withdraw
  • defer from a unit/course or;
  • change a unit of study

It is important that you make changes to your enrolment before census date otherwise you will be liable for unit fees (including FEE-HELP) and will incur an academic penalty unless special circumstances apply.

How do I apply for an extension?

If you are experiencing an unexpected circumstance, such as a misadventure, illness or accident, you can email the Unit Coordinator or Student Support Officer to request an extension for up to one week.

You will not be required to submit supporting documentation. It is important that you apply before your assessment due date otherwise a late penalty will apply.

If you are affected by unexpected circumstances that require longer than one-week extension, you are encouraged to speak to our team to discuss options.

How do I apply for special consideration?

If you are adversely affected by longer-term unexpected circumstances that impact on your ability to study for more than one week, please speak to our team who will support you to apply using the Special Consideration Application Form. You will need to submit supporting evidence along with your application form.

A related document is the Special Consideration Policy.

How do I update my personal details?

You can update your personal details via the Student Portal. [Links to Student Portal] You will be able to login using your Student ID and password. If you experience any difficulties, you can contact a Student Support Officer for assistance.

I have a disability, or accessibility requirement, how do I get support?

When you apply online you will be invited to identify learning support needs and accessibility requirements. You will then be contacted by a member of our team who will work with you to determine appropriate supports for your studies.

If you would like to let us know about a disability or accessibility requirement after the application process has been completed, please contact a Student Support Officer.

I would like to continue my studies, how do I re-enrol?

Each year you can access the online application to let us know which units you intend to study.

I have completed my studies, how do I graduate?

Congratulations on completing your studies! You do not need to do anything. We will contact you early in the year to confirm that you are eligible to graduate if you have not re-enrolled. Learn more about graduation.