Professional Development Units available now

Expand Your Knowledge With Our 50 Hour Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses

We offer a number of professional development units that may also be used as stackable credit towards our Applied Mental Health Studies courses.

Students can choose to complete any of these 50 hour units as PD or for credit in the degree program at a later date.

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Lifespan units


Mental Health, Mental Ill Health and Suicide (8ALK001)

Strength-Based Assessment and Care Planning (8ALF002)

Professional and Ethical Mental Health Care (8ALF003)

Attachment Development and Promoting Mental Health Across the Lifespan (8ALK004)

Sustaining your mental health practice (8ALF005)

Core Therapeutic Skills (8ALF006)

Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Practice (8ALF007)

Trauma-Informed Care and Practice (8ALF008)

Diversity and Mental Health (8ALK009)

Perinatal and Infant units

Early Development (8APK030)

Mental Health Care in the Perinatal Period (8APF031)

Developmental Screening & Assessment (8APK032)

Parents and caregivers (8APK033)


Child and Youth units

Child and Youth Mental Health Conditions 1 (8ACF050)

Child and Youth Mental Health Conditions 2 (8ACF051)

Child and Youth Mental Health Conditions 3 (8ACF052)

Legal and Ethical considerations for Child and Youth Mental Health (8ACF053)


Adult units

Anxiety and Mood (8AAF070)

Trauma and Stress Related Experiences (8AAE080)

Psychosis in Adults (8AAF072)

Adult Mental Health Conditions (8AAF073)


Older Persons units

Mental Health for Older People (8AOK090)

Responding to Transitional Crises for Older People (8AOE091)

Core skills when working with Older People (8AOF092)

Specific Interventions for Older People - Dementia (8AOF093)