Professional Development (July 2022)

Expand Your Knowledge With Our 50 Hour Professional Development Courses

We offer a number of graduate diploma professional development units that may also be used as stackable credit towards our Applied Mental Health Studies courses. The following units listed below are available to enrol into from July 2022.

Students can choose to complete any of these 50 hour units as PD or for credit in the degree program at a later date.

Lifespan Units

Understanding mental health care in Australia (8ALK010)

Physical and mental health (8ALK011)

Evidence-based practice 1 (8ALF013)

Structured therapies 1 (8ALF016)

Working with families (8ALF019)

Psychosis (8ASF022)

Perinatal And Infant Units

Enabling Effective Mental Health Care in the Perinatal Period (8APK034)

Observation Theory & Practice in perinatal & infant mental health (8APF035)

Relationship-Based Therapies & Practices in perinatal & infant mental health (8APF036)

Child And Youth Units

Engagement in child and youth mental health (8ACF054)

Development in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood (8ACF055)

Psychosis (8ASF022)

Adult Units

Personality development and disruption (8AAF071)

Substance related and addictive conditions (8ASF021)

Psychosis (8ASF022)

Older Persons Units

Engaging with Older Persons (8AOF094)

Mental health care in residential aged care facilities (8AOF095)

Complexity in Older Persons Mental Health care (8AOE096)