Therapeutic perspectives Across the Lifespan

Therapeutic perspectives Across the Lifespan

Graduate Diploma
Semester 1 - Core unit

This unit examines current issues and debates on psychotherapeutic theory and practice in contemporary mental health services across the lifespan. It includes an analysis of contemporary debate around, and evaluation of, common therapeutic interventions in the context of recovery-oriented approaches. This unit will enhance students’ knowledge of current psychotherapeutic interventions and encourage exploration of the impact and
role of these therapies in the treatment of infants, children, adults and older persons as part of recovery-oriented services. It is relevant to practitioners working in a range of settings with diverse populations experiencing mental distress at all points across the lifespan.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Assess current issues and debates about the role of psychotherapeutic theory and practice in contemporary mental health services using a recovery-based framework.
  • Critically evaluate evidence-based therapeutic interventions from current research/literature and critically evaluate their application at a specified life stage or practice setting.
  • Apply professional collaborative decision making about treatment choices and its role alongside a range of other types of resilience promoting supports, skills and strengths.
  • Engage consumers and carers in partnershipbased relationships to offer the most appropriate therapeutic options and supports in the context of person-centred approach.
  • Apply appropriate management/interventions to respond to the presentation of mental health issues in a specific life stage/health setting.
  • Understand and apply therapeutic approaches as applied to diverse community.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 General Principles in Psychotherapy
Week 2 Integrating Therapy into Recoveryoriented Framework
Week 3 Working with Diverse Community I
Week 4 Working with Diverse Community II
Week 5 Application of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Week 6 Application of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Week 7 Application of Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Family Therapy
Week 8 Person-centred Care and Person-centred Therapy
Week 9 Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement Therapy
Week 10 Application of Group Psychotherapy
Week 11 Biological Psychiatric Treatment
Week 12 Complementary and Alternative Therapy
Week 13 Evidence-based Therapies Across Lifespan
Week 14 Teamwork and Collaboration
Week 15 Psychotherapy for Common Mental Health Concerns