Innovation and Improvement in Mental Health Care

Innovation and Improvement in Mental Health Care

Graduate Diploma
Semester 1 - Core unit

This unit introduces the concept of social entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship.) The unit explores the potential for mental health professionals to create, innovate and improve services in collaboration with consumers. Students will identify gaps and opportunities for service improvement including those in partnership with consumers. This unit also examines the role of clinical governance as the main vehicle for continuously improving the quality of care, and developing the capacity of the mental health workforce.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Explain the reasons why consumer involvement in quality improvement is important.
  • Critically discuss the potential of intrapreneurial culture within public mental healthcare.
  • Critically appraise the evidence about the factors that support innovation and the role of leadership in promoting supportive environments for practice improvement.
  • Explain the role of clinical governance in quality improvement in mental health services.
  • Engage with peers to determine if and how recovery outcomes inform the processes of quality improvement.
  • Critically evaluate a range of methods and tools for generating innovative thinking.
  • Apply a recognised tool appropriately to identify and plan a service improvement, with justification for the service improvement from a quality and safety perspective.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Innovation in mental health care
Week 2 Consumer involvement
Week 3 Engaging consumers and carers
Week 4 Supporting innovation
Week 5 Leadership
Week 6 Clinical governance
Week 7 Barriers, obstacles and errors
Week 8 Recovery
Week 9 Changing the culture
Week 10 Innovative thinking
Week 11 Tools for innovation
Week 12 Developing a project
Week 13 Quality and safety
Week 14 Implementing and sustaining change
Week 15 Review