New leadership course for Stage 3 psychiatry trainees

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Stage 3 trainees leadership

Leadership is intrinsic to the role of a psychiatrist, but the manner this role is undertaken will vary markedly; influenced by many factors, and with varied alignment with the leadership style others provide or seek. This Unit will introduce you to core concepts that need to be considered in developing your own leadership style as a psychiatrist; and undertake a leadership activity that you may use to further develop your leadership skills. Satisfactory completion of the Unit will fulfil the requirements of a formal leadership and management training course, as accredited by the RANZCP NSW Branch Training Committee.

Commencement of new leadership course for Stage 3 psychiatry trainees


The  course will consists of 5 topics accessed through the myHETI learning management system, with an accompanying Learning Activity Journal to be completed by the trainee in conjunction with an approved RANZCP supervisor. The course is based on the recommended content of the RANZCP Guideline for leadership and management in psychiatry and is available through self-enrolment from 23 May, 2022.

* Topic 1: Leadership as a psychiatrist

* Topic 2: Applying leadership theory to the everyday

* Topic 3: Leading change

* Topic 4: Setting up an improvement activity

* Topic 5: Sustaining your vision

It is estimated that the combination of online and Learning Activity Journal activities will require 25 hours to complete.

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