Health care worker accomplished her career goal with support of NaMO scholarship

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Perinatal infant

Melissa, a Child and Family Health worker, explains how she achieves her career goal of studying postgraduate education at HETI Higher Education with support from a NaMO scholarship.

Being awarded a Nursing and Midwifery Scholarship to complete the Graduate Diploma Applied Mental Health Studies (Perinatal & Infant Mental Health) has helped me to achieve a career goal.

I have been working in Child and Family Health for the past 22 years and I was seeking tertiary study (after 20 years of no study) to bring it all my postgraduate studies together. The scholarship has not only helped financially, it has enabled me to gain further knowledge and awareness of the impact of the importance of secure attachment for long term mental health and physical health outcomes.

The ability to apply this knowledge in my core work has provided me opportunities with participating in research, promotion, supporting clinician’s working with vulnerable families, and confidence in reaching out to other stakeholders for collaboration in care planning for our families experiencing mental health issues.